As unique as it is mysterious, the cobra never ceases to exert a fascinating pull. And as one’s spirit or totem animal, the cobra signifies knowledge, fortune, longevity, and great protection.  The energy of a coiled spring, the fearlessness when threatened. Not for nothing is it one of the fastest creatures on Earth. And the cobra is not a procrastinator, either Alertness and action define this age-old symbol of royalty and power.

Decisiveness, the ability to think fast and come up with a solution when you encounter a problem, and never give up. That, too, is associated with the cobra. And the cobra is not one to let anybody trample on it. Or on loved ones. Connect with the cobra in you and take the first step on the path to growth and progress.

Its steely body feels alive as it naturally slips around your skin, each scale on its finely detailed head catching the slightest ray of light, the red sparkle of its piercing eyes. Beyond a bracelet, a cobra on your wrist.