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The serpent has always been a powerful symbol of what is at the core of the human condition: birth and rebirth, resilience and renewal. Transformation. Change. Isn’t that what to a large degree defines life? Through intelligence, patience and unsuspected strength, the serpent navigates any challenge, its closeness to the earth a powerful expression of life force.

A sinewy body of braided leather, two finely detailed serpent heads that symbolize opposing forces – kept at bay and at the same time in balance.

So unlike any other animal, so intuitively familiar. Since the beginning of time, be it as Kukulkán in Mayan lore or as Quetzalcoatl in Aztec culture, the serpent has inspired both fear and awe, exerting a strange and compelling fascination. A complex mix of feelings. Could it be because the snake so well embodies our own complexities and contradictions.