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Rare are the objects whose simple appearance causes a rush of associations, evokes such vivid images. If the gunfighter’s revolver – or colt, six-shooter – is one of them, could it be because of the particular fascination it holds.

Feared and desired at the same time. How can a piece of human engineering prove so effective at defending one’s life but also at shaping one’s destiny – or that of another, for that matter.

The incredible detail of this revolver pendant makes its potential seem even more real, a secret talisman with an energy all its own. Or, if worn openly, a signal made all the more powerful by the strong chain, itself an object that holds a particular fascination – each one of its sterling silver links has the texture of rope.

Shapes and textures and visual contrasts, captured in a symbol so familiar yet so weighty in meaning. A thoughtful gift. To oneself as well.